(Excerpts of some poems for copyright purposes)

Her Private Parts
She cannot help but be curious
Is still trying to figure out how he knew
What he knew when she had not told him
What was it about her
That showed to him her private pain
That she thought was well hidden behind her mask
Certain questions he never asked
Long held secrets she never told
But yet, he read her like an open book
How did he know that she needed healing…
When she had mastered the art of not revealing
That which she thought made her ugly
A tarnished treasure of someone else’s wicked pleasure
A could have been masterpiece
That was left shattered into scattered pieces
She read the book from cover to cover
Was amazed at what she discovered
Learned her identity was not between her thighs
Found her voice to silence the lies
Page after page, words of forgiveness
To her
For her
Her private pain was being exposed
And in order for her wounds to heal
She had to rip off the bandage of shame
She now keeps this book in her purse
To read once again,
On the moments that she forgets
That she is not what happened to her
And she is grateful that he thought enough of her to tell her

Tonita H. Few © 2014 All Rights Reserved

The Incidental Stranger
If he only knew
That her confidence was born from fear of losing herself
That his inability to walk past her without noticing her
Was at a time when she was trying her best to disappear
She was just sitting there
Literally lost in thoughts trying to consume who she was
He spoke, just a customary greeting
She never looked up and replied the same…
Momentarily, he returned and without ever asking her name
He sat down across from her
And simply began to talk
With no apology, this incidental stranger bared his soul
Took her on an emotional journey of his soul redemption
That eerily echoed the very one that she had been crying out for
So she listened
Sat speechless, eye to eye with this gentle spoken giant
As he swept his monsters out of his head
She listened as he described who she use to be
In the resemblance of his own Mother
He, the one that had been wounded and scarred
Offered her the gift of forgiveness that she had struggled so long to accept
She watched
As tears began to escape the corners of his eyes
That had seen too much during a time when children weren’t allowed to speak
So evil deeds went unspoken of
And young souls were tortured by memories that altered childhoods
So silent sins created angry adults by no fault of their own
As his story continued she felt a blanket of peace cover her
Released herself to that higher power that had orchestrated this chance encounter
With this incidental stranger
And together, they wept
Released anguish over secrets kept far too long
And that had robbed them of the innocence of life
They wept, for those left angry and confused
Locked in mental prisons that held their peace of mind hostage
Together, they wept
This incidental stranger and this lady
Now bonded towards a cause to help someone else
To learn the power of speaking ugly truths
So that the captives could be set free
And they could offer others the gift of forgiveness wrapped in reciprocity
Tonita H. Few © 2014 All Rights ReservedA Few Memories
Even in my happiness I still think of you
And I smile
Melancholy memories of what real love felt like,
Now feeling like mirrored images of self-reflected me
That’s why I still wear your name
You have always been my looking glass…

Tonita H. Few © 2012 All Rights Reserved

It’s at this moment that she needs him the most
When sleep is stolen
By memories that shouldn’t be
The thief allowed to walk free
While she served a sentence of silence
A could have been masterpiece
Now a cracked vessel
That pours tears through orifices
Clothed in layers of denial…

Tonita H. Few © 2012 All Rights Reserved

She speaks through her poetry
Explains what she feels
Asks for what she wants
In a multitude of metaphors
That he can’t comprehend because he’s too busy trying to understand
Learn to listen to the silence of my conversation she tells him
It will reveal far more to you than your ears ever thought they would hear
Close your eyes so you can see how beautiful I am she says
For love will blind you to my imperfections
Kiss me, caress me when miles and circumstances separate us
For true intimacy transcends space or logic
Doesn’t have a damn thing to do with sex
Offers no apologies or excuses
Doesn’t leave in the middle of the night
And doesn’t define orgasms as sexual pleasure…

Tonita H. Few © 2012 All Rights Reserved

Labored Fruit
Nine months before you were laid upon my chest
I loved you
Sight unseen born into a future unknown
Just knew that it would be just me and you
Scared as hell, though not of the unfamiliar
But of those things that the world, to me, had already shown
I labored for you
A fertilized seed inside my womb
Ripening with each passing day
Watered with tearful hopes and promises
Of something better
I owed you better if I couldn’t give you best…

Tonita H. Few © 2011 All Rights Reserved

We talked like we knew what was going on
But we really didn’t
We didn’t know everything about anything that ended up changing
This thing called US
We screwed up
Big time
We kept changing our minds
And even more times we changed our hearts
And through it all
The only thing we could ever truly offer each other were ourselves
But you were too busy looking for the one that you thought more worthy to have you than I
And I was too busy believing you were the one that I knew was worth all the time that I had waited
So, we disguised our lies from what we knew to be the absolute truth from the start
We never belonged together…
Not then…
Not now…

Tonita H. Few © 2010 All Rights Reserved

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