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TF Headshot“She became all that she was ever meant to be and didn’t even know it” – Tonita Few

I am a daughter, sister, mother, auntie, friend, poet and writer. I grew up in a small rural town where I was often told that “I was meant to be someplace else” and my love for reading and writing transformed my mind to other places I could be. As a young girl, I was quiet and shy so I found solace in my thoughts, pretending to be the imaginary characters that I read about. I was ridiculed for writing poetry, told by a family member that there was “something wrong with me” for writing the way I did…..and I believed it, tore up all of my poems and for nearly 30 years only wrote what was necessary until it became necessary for me to once again write.

Defined as the reason for which something exists, it is my firm belief that we were all created for PURPOSE: Why am I here?  I oftentimes allowed life disappointments and fears  to keep me in an emotional prison, stuck in a place I was  never meant to be. My life was birthed from my own experiences, my personal pains, my joys and my triumphs…..my LIFE is my STORY! 

The PURPOSE of  My Life Story is to provide an artistic platform for others to bravely and unapologetically share the survival of traumatic life experiences to wholeness and healing. Stay tuned….for you will hear from some of the strongest men and women I am blessed to know. Our stories are raw, they are real, and they need to be heard. We don’t seek sympathy by voicing our stories but offer hope of healing to others by sharing them.  Our stories will, at times, make you cry and at others, make you laugh. But our prayer is that above all, our stories will make YOU live in your PURPOSE!

Peace & Blessings,

Tonita Few


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